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Frequently Asked Questions Answered 
These are a few of the most common questions we have heard over the years! 
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Do I Need to Provide Cleaning Products? 
   No. We provide every cleaning product that we would need. If you have a specialty product that you prefer to use then it is important that you tell your cleaner and provide her with the product to use in your home. She will return this item to its proper place after use. 
   We require that each cleaner carry a vacuum, a micro fiber mop, a cobbwebber, a micro fiber duster, a paint scrapper, a stainless steel scrub, a non-scratch scrub, 2 toothbrushes, a grout brush, a flat brush, an eraser, a degreaser, a stainless steel cleaner, an oven cleaner, a mold remover, an all-purpose cleaner, a porcelain cleaner, a lime remover, a glass cleaner, rubbing alcohol, a granite cleaner, a wood polish and at least 25 micro fiber rags at all times. We will only use bleach in the most necessary circumstances.

Why Did You Delete Your Yelp Page When You Had 4 Stars? 
    While we absolutely appreciate the great reviews we received, we simply could not keep up with the amount of interest the Yelp page generated. We were all working seven days a week, unable to answer all the calls we received, and as a result we were neglecting the needs of our clients and our families. 
   Unfortunately, some people also used the threat of a bad Yelp review to blackmail their way into free cleaning appointments. Yelp does not provide any assistance to small businesses when these threats occur and so we decided to just remove ourselves completely.    

What if I'm not at Home? 
   It is completely understandable if you feel uncomfortable about a cleaner in your home when you are not there. Many of our clients schedule Saturday or evening appointments to ensure that they are home while their house is being cleaned. 
   Some clients, on the other hand, prefer to be out during this process. In these cases we employ several techniques to ensure home security. For some clients, we leave through sliding glass doors or garage doors. For others we use lock boxes or hide-a-keys, and others prefer to supply us with a house key to enter and exit. 
   This is entirely dependent on what you are most comfortable with.

Do I Need to Leave my Pets Outside?
   No. Happy Home Cleaners have had years of experience with household pets and love animals. In fact our director is a former veterinary technician. A large and important part of our training process involves cleaning up after pets and cleaning around pets. Currently we have clients who have Pit Bulls, American Bull dogs, Chihuahuas, French Bull Dogs, German Shepherds, Labradors, Rottweilers, Chow Chows, Cats Turtles, and Snakes. 
   If your pet is aggressive towards people we would appreciate if he/she be let outside during our time in your home for safety's sake. Otherwise we welcome cleaning with your pet. We are happy to let your pet out for a potty break or fill his/her water bowl while cleaning your home.

How Long Does an Estimate Take? 
   Happy Home is one of the few house cleaning services that provides free same day estimates. Depending on the size and condition of your home, an estimate can take anywhere from a few minutes to a half an hour. During this time we go over with you specifics of our contract bid so that we know exactly what to do and not do in your home.  
   For clients who live more than a 30 minutes’ drive from Roseville, we usually do over the phone estimates and must meet with the client the day of the clean to make any necessary adjustments to the original quote.

How Do I Pay? 
   Currently we accept cash or personal checks made out to “Happy Home Cleaning”. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover using Square technologies. 
   If you are not going to be in your home while we are cleaning we do require that a check be left in a conspicuous place for our cleaner before she begins her work. 
   You can also pay for your service online through our "pay online" tab. 

Will I Always Pay the Estimated Price? 
   Yes. After our initial estimate we do not adjust the price. Even if a cleaner might finish her job later than anticipated we do not make changes to the quote. As a matter of principle, we do not leave house before our scheduled time. If a job takes less time than expected, we will fill the time with tasks that are labeled "“time permitting"” in the contract bid

How Many Cleaners Will be Coming to my Home? 
    Unless your service will require more than 8 hours of time then there will only be one cleaner. It will always be the same cleaner assigned to your home. This way, you can develop a one on one relationship and she can learn the ins and outs of your home.